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CNG Kit Installation/Fitting

Every automobile owner may now afford to install a CNG kit. At V6 Autotech, we offer Government Approved Sequential or Conventional CNG Kits starting from Rs.10000/- in Chennai. However, prices vary depending on the brand, quality, import source, durability, and performance of a CNG-equipped vehicle. 

CNG Kit Repair & Maintenance

We also provide maintenance and services to multi-branded CNG Kits retro-fitted cars at V6 Autotech. Our knowledgeable crew and well-equipped retrofit centre provide unmatched and advanced service that meets industry standards. Our knowledgeable technicians are well equipped to troubleshoot any CNG Kit problems.

RTO Registration

When converting a petrol or diesel vehicle to a CNG vehicle, you must obtain permission to use it from the RTO in charge of your jurisdiction. V6 Autotech can assist you in updating the fuel type information on your Car Registration Certificate (RC) from petrol/diesel to CNG. Upon approval, the RTO will stamp your car’s RC with a “fuel change” seal.

Towing Services

Are you stuck on the road in the middle of an emergency? V6 Autotech offers a comprehensive vehicle towing service in Chennai. We deliver clean, damage-free towing services offering the comfort and peace of mind you deserve. Our towing services can help you get back on the road as quickly as possible. We offer high-quality towing service in Chennai at the fairest prices.